Youssef Zemhoute
+49 178 340 64 36


  • Market Research | M&A-Consulting
  • Entrepreneuristics (own Science)
  • Buyout-Projects | Founding & Startup
  • Law & Economics | Deals & Contracts
  • Recruiting & Personality Tests | HR
  • Entrepreneurial Structures & Vision
  • Financial inclinations | International Finance
  • etc.


The Researchcall is consists of a twofold service. On one hand there's my own developed Consulting Technique (Entrepreneuristics|Book released in German). On the other hand it implies the request of a company from abroad for Business Relations and legal issues in Germany. Regarding your budget your Business concern which is to take place in Germany is examined and researched. The budget is fully retained and used in parts for Research purposes to compile the necessary expertise. I remind you to consider that with a higher budget several experts can be consulted. Finally, the customer receives a Business Portfolio with clarified documents (Analyzes, Legal documents, Market charts, properties, etc.). As a rule my Research takes about two to three months. A Sales Office could be established and built on behalf of your activities & production. If you are already expanding in several countries, start now in Germany and call me! [Details]


  • Potencial & cooperation
  • Finding locations for special projects
  • Expansion into the German/European region
  • Providing Entrepreneurial Schooling
  • Introduction into cultural disparities
  • Sophisticated disruptive thought
  • Management of Applications
  • etc.